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Sledding in Washington State

Sledding in Washington State

A Sledding We Will Go!
Horse drawn Sled

What fun on a snowy day taking a slay ride in a horse drawn sled,across the snowy fields.

A Happy Healthy New Year to all my followers.
Just a simple snow scene to bring back happy memories.


Happy 2011

Watched the Tournament of Roses Parade–Pictures to follow

Just a Sample— Pac Man

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Happy New Year from Pasadena!

Happy New Year!
Windy and Cold here–Sunny CA yes but—also can get cold—Not quite this cold!

OOPS the Snowman was made in WA last week! Lemon tree in Pasadena.

The Tournament of Roses Parade is Tomorrow! Can’t wait to see it!

Snow Winter


Beautiful snow today, but didn’t get to take any photos!

By the way– Have any of you ever used the Cotton Carrier?
A great way to carry the camera on hikes or cross country skiing: leaves your hands free, and the camera (Nikon D3) snug against your body. Hope to try it out this weekend with the skis!

Another great selection of camera carrying equipment comes with the Think Tank system.
I have used each of the various belts at different times with and without the harness, to attach the camera (Nikon D3) and various sized bags as needed. Rain covers come with each bag, and have come in very handy while traveling/ hiking in rainy areas.