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Will we have to Evacuate again??

Will we have to evacuate again?

Today in Los Alamos. The areas shown behind the houses, the High School and the UNM Branch Campus were burned in the 2000 fire, but are now burning again. The Fire Chief said that this is an unusual fire! Smoke from these areas increased the amount of smoke in Los Alamos –Will we have to leave again?

The Las Conchas Fire was a wildfire in New Mexico, USA, in 2011. The fire started in Santa Fe National Forest and burned more than 150,000 acres… Whikipedia…/lasconchas.

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Wow! Hadn’t seen flames!
But I’m happy to report that about half an hour ago I heard thunder and it actually rained a bit!!!

Thanks for the pictures of the fire.

I can’t imagine the scope of distruction that is possible. Hopefully things will soon be back to normal.

Friends — Carla

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