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Mammoth Hot Springs of Yellowstone National Park

The Mammoth Springs Travertine area of Yellowstone is in the Northern area of the Park.  I don’t know if this area is open yet since the floods closed this area of Yellowstone. As you can see the springs look a bit different than other areas of the Park.  Just a few photos showing active as well as springs not active at this time.  Note the beautiful colors from the minerals. calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate and sulfate.  The chemical properties of this area is different then the alkaline-chloride waters of Old Faithful.

An limestone area of Mammoth Hot Springs that looks like the Spring is no longer flowing.

An active area of the Springs as the hot water trickles down the terraces forming puddles in some areas and beautiful colors from the minerals.

A close-up of an area with the dripping hot springs.
White terraces that look like layers of snow.
This colored area as well as the white area of Mammoth Hot Springs cliff appears still flowing, but another area looks dead.

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