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West Thumb Yellowstone NP

“Hook and Cook’ at Yellowstone NP

We visited Yellowstone National Park West Thumb Geyser Basin at Sunset, and watched in Awe as the colors of the sky and Yellowstone Lake changed. This small hot spring is called the Fishing Cone.  The story goes that a fisherman was fishing nearby and his freshly caught fish got off the hook and fell into the hot spring. Yes he was subsequently boiled!  Thus the label “Hook and Cook”! The fisherman and many other visitors have since performed this feat.  A National magazine reported in 1903 that no visit to the park was complete without this experience!
Be careful if you decide to cook your fish this way,the geyser has occasionally erupted as high as 40 feet and some fisherman have been burned.
The two photos below are of the Abyss Spring at West Thumb Basin The bottom two feature scenes across the Lake to the mountains, with and without snow.

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